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What would you do if you had more confidence, more motivation, more focus, more direction, more clarity, more time?

Here are some examples of sessions designed to tackle everyday life problems

Diet Plan


Have you ever asked yourself if you're getting as much enjoyment out of life as you should? How do you define your core personal values? Living your life according to your values is at the core of my coaching process. Values clarification sessions are designed to help you explore and discover your true values and understand the impact they have on our lives, because understanding what's actually important to us, and what's not, provides direction in life.

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Confidence is related to the belief in our ability to succeed. Confidence building sessions provide you with the skills and the opportunity and take small but positive steps toward challenging your self-limiting beliefs, build resilience and ultimately provide you with success which in turn will change your beliefs and so increase your confidence.


Increasing levels of physical exercise is one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. In spite of knowing this we often neglect both our physical and mental wellbeing. Sessions explore acceptance and mindful observation of our experiences, which in turn provide us with an opportunity to reframe the way we think about physical activity and increase our motivation.  

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