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Finishing Line

Personal coaching for health and wellbeing

Understand your true values - Unlock your potential - Identify your strengths - Overcome your barriers

Crossing the River


There are times in life when we feel unsure and unable to make progress. It’s as if we’re walking across a rickety wooden bridge above a fast flowing river and we come to a point where the bridge has a missing plank. It’s only a small step across the gap but the more we think about the possible outcomes the harder it is to take the next step. In our busy, fast-paced lives we seldom allow ourselves the space to evaluate what really matters to us and so it's common to feel as if life is passing us by and that somehow we're missing out on something. 

The Life Psych provides personal coaching psychology that helps you break free from your self-limiting beliefs, take control of your life and improve your performance and/or your wellbeing. 

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you have a chronic health issue and feel unsure of how to live a more fulfilled life?

  • Do you struggle with motivation for changing your diet? 

  • Do you often feel you can’t find the time for exercise even though you know you should?

  • Do you have difficulty with sleeping because you’re stressed at work?

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut and unsure of which life-path to take?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the hurdles that life presents you?

  • Do you lack confidence in your ability to succeed?

  • Do you know what you want to achieve but always seem to fall short of your goal?

If you answer yes to questions like these then a professional coach can help you get your life on track.



I'm Dr Anthony Whalley, Chartered Psychologist, Advanced Certified Coach and founder of The Life Psych

More than just a coach

My approach to your personal coaching draws on the science and theories of language, memory and cognition which influence the psychological mechanisms of human functioning. Working with these helps facilitate your learning, develop your skill sets, improve your performance, and positively impacts your personal health and wellbeing.

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How does it work

  • A good coach creates a safe, non-judgmental space in which you can explore your current life situation and learn how to make changes or improvements to achieve desired goals. 

  • Coaching psychology employs established evidence-based techniques that help you understand thoughts, feelings, memories and physical sensations that can influence our behaviours and beliefs about ourselves.

  • You can learn a whole range of skills that help you to, navigate through times when you feel stuck and unable to achieve your goals, improve your self-confidence, increase your ability to operate under pressure and improve your motivation. 

  • Sessions also help you identify and explore the things in life that really matter to you on a fundamental and personal level, because the scientific evidence shows that living your life in the service of your personal values impacts on your quality of life.

  • You will also gain an understanding of how we think as individuals. This, together with your personal package of skills and strategies empower you to maximise your potential and improve your personal well-being through mindful values-based living.

“Self-belief, self-worth, self-love! 
Thank you so much for helping me find 'ME' again!."

Sam B

When the enormity of a task makes you believe you will fail then you'll probably avoid trying.

But, take a small brave step toward your dream and you increase your chance of success.

When you succeed then you change your belief.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain

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